Partner with Boston Cares

Boston Cares builds collaborative partnerships with nonprofits, schools, faith-based, government, and civic organizations to create real change through community involvement, volunteerism, and service.     We work with our partners to engage our 4,000 volunteers in meaningful individual and corporate projects. Learn more about our opportunities for partnership below:

  • Calendar Program: Our signature program for volunteers is best for recurring, done-in-a-day projects throughout the year that donot require advanced training or special skills. These projects are led by Volunteer Leaders who help facilitate a quality project for volunteers and partners alike. View our partnership guidelines here.

  • Corps: Is your organization looking for a group of regular, committed volunteers to serve on a long-term, ongoing, education-based project? If so, our Corps Program may be a great fit for you. Find out here.  

  • Hands At Work: Our Hands At Work program identifies and develops one-time projects for our corporate partners. These projects often come with larger groups and supply dollars. Learn more here.

  • Community Grapevine Referral: Do you have set or ongoing, long-term volunteering needs? Reserved for our active Calendar or Hands At Work partners, our Community Grapevine is a great way to recruit volunteers for these types of projects. These projects are not let by one of our Volunteer Leaders. More information here.