Calendar Program

Through the Boston Cares Calendar program, we mobilize 4000 volunteers annually to ensure young people succeed, equip adults to beat poverty, provide for basic daily needs, build the health and wellness of our community, and create cultural and environmental vibrancy. Together, our volunteers and partners annually benefit tens of thousands of Greater Bostonians. 

The program is built around a calendar of volunteer opportunities featuring 250 monthly projects at nearly 180 nonprofits and schools. As a volunteer, you can sign up for one date-and-time-specific project at a time, as often as your schedule allows.

Each project is led by a trained Volunteer Leader who works to ensure a smooth and successful project from all sides. They facilitate communication leading up to the project and support volunteers day-of. 

To get started with your first projects as a Boston Cares volunteer, simply create an account, and sign up to attend a New Volunteer OrientationFrom there, you'll be on your way to building a Greater Boston!