Boston Cares mobilizes and trains individual and corporate volunteers who strengthen communities and improve the lives of people in need. We partner with schools and nonprofits with needs that can be filled by volunteer teams; then we recruit, train & lead reliable groups of volunteers who get the job done.



Boston Cares is a premier innovator of volunteer initiatives that are community responsive, impactful, and sustainable. Our work:

  • Inspires more people to become volunteers;
  • Builds capacity for nonprofits and companies to engage volunteers;
  • Elevates community understanding of the importance and potential of volunteers; and
  • Generates resources and support for volunteerism.

We envision a day when the practice of volunteering throughout Greater Boston is widespread and reflective of the rich diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles of those who live and work in the communities we serve.



At Boston Cares we aim to be:

Connected to volunteers, partners, funders, and others so we are responsive to changing community needs and so awareness of Boston Cares is fresh and relevant.

Inclusive in ways that ensure Boston Cares is increasingly available to and welcoming of volunteers from many walks of life.

Flexible so that the ease of serving through our programs and the continuum of meaningful options generate great volunteer satisfaction and commitment.

Reliable and trusted by our stakeholders, delivering what we promise, ensuring consistently quality experiences, and making the most of our staying power.

Ready to respond to changing community needs, nimble enough to leverage real-time opportunities, and prepared to play our part around natural disasters and other urgent challenges.

Dynamic, adaptable, and forward-thinking in leveraging the momentum of our volunteer force for the greater good.

Excellent colleagues, partners, and service innovators, delivering results that matter to the community, for our volunteers, and in our sector.