About Us

Boston Cares was founded in 1991 by seven young adults who were determined to find a way to make community service a part of their busy lives. Like many of their friends, they wanted to become meaningfully involved in their communities but didn’t know how to get started. Plus, they worried their unpredictable schedules would not allow for the level of commitment organizations might require.

They worked together to find non-profit organizations that could utilize the help of volunteers on a flexible basis, with the goal of creating a calendar of volunteer opportunities to send out to their friends. And so, starting with a calendar of only 3 service projects, Boston Cares was launched. Today, Boston Cares' volunteer opportunities exceed 250 projects each month. For the first three years, Boston Cares was operated completely by volunteers, and in 1994 we hired our first executive director. We now have 9 staff and 9 AmeriCorps VISTA national service members. 

Boston Cares is a member of the Hands On Network, an alliance of volunteer organizations working to transform individuals and communities through service and civic engagement, with affiliates in 250 US and international locations.


Mission & Values


Boston Cares mobilizes and trains individual and corporate volunteers who strengthen communities and improve the lives of people in need.


1) Volunteerism is a force for positive social and personal change.

2) Every level of volunteering commitment has value.

3) Volunteerism at its best incorporates accessibility and diversity.

4) Individuals and groups can all make valuable volunteering contributions.

5) Boston Cares is committed to providing all stakeholders - volunteers, community partners, sponsors, and funders - with a quality experience.