Become a Boston Cares Member

Boston Cares wants to make volunteering easy for you! We provide a wide array of programs and opportunities that make it simple to volunteer at over 165 community agencies no matter how busy your schedule is.

To become a member and start volunteering with us, Boston Cares requires that individuals create a Boston Cares account and attend a New Volunteer Orientation. Each session provides valuable information about Boston Cares and our programs and how to get the most out of your volunteer experience. Afterwards, you will be able to sign up for projects through our online calendar of opportunities and participate in our other ongoing programs. See the steps below to get started! 

STEP 1: 

Fill out the registration form to create an account on our website! 

Create an Account



Attend an online New Volunteer Orientation to learn about our programs and our system!

Sign up for an Orientation


Important Information for Volunteers Under 18:

Boston Cares offers National Days of Service events and some age-friendly Calendar projects for volunteers under 18. The overall minimum age for all Boston Cares programs is 5 years old. Please note that each of our agency partners on the Calendar Program determine the age restrictions for their projects, based on their policies and the appropiateness of the project for young volunteers. Boston Cares does not have the ability to allow volunteers younger than the listed age requirements to register for a project. 

Please visit our Youth Volunteering page to learn more about our youth volunteer policies and opportunities. 


Other questions about volunteering?

Visit our FAQ page