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Your support helps Boston Cares engage volunteers in service to our 150+ nonprofit partners and schools, creating a ripple effect throughout our community. As we navigate changing and increasing needs in response to Covid-19, your support allows us to provide vital capacity to organizations meeting the most critial community needs. Expand your support by sharing your story as a volunteer, and fundraising for Boston Cares. We've provided a few easy ways to get started below. THANK YOU for your support, and for sharing Boston Cares with your network!

Boston Cares is a verified nonprofit on Facebook, Instagram, and GoFundMe. Below are instructions on how to create your own fundraising campaign for Boston Cares. A few $5 donations totaling $30 is enough to orient a new volunteer – any amount can make a big difference.


Once logged into your Instagram account navigate to your “news feed”, select the “camera” icon on the top left hand side of the platform. This will allow you to select a photo for a background of your story, feel free to use the Boston Cares infographic provided, a photo from our website, or one of your own from volunteering!


Go to your Facebook News Feed and click on "Fundraisers" in your left side menu. Click "Select Nonprofit" and search for Boston Cares. Set a fundraising goal, then add a title and end date. Now tell your story - share abour your connection to Boston Cares, your expeience as a volunteer. Select a cover photo and click "Create".

For more detailed directions, download our guide with screen images here.

Want to share about our impact? Download the 2019 infographic below in JPG or PDF - 2020 graphic coming soon!

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Questions about fundraising for Boston Cares? Contact Sara Hamilton at

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