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Our corporate partners hard at work with Boston Cares

Partner with Boston Cares: Corporate Engagement

Since 1997, Boston Cares has partnered with companies of all sizes and across many industries to engage their employees in high-impact volunteer events.

If you’re looking to launch your company’s first community service event, we have the experience, connections, and mission to guide you every step of the way so your organization’s volunteering experience goes smoothly, is engaging and meaningful for participants, and makes a difference in the community.

If your company has a long-standing commitment to volunteerism and you are looking to amplify your impact, you’ll find our fresh thinking and seasoned capabilities will skillfully complement your internal expertise and know-how. Through Hands at Work, we work one-on-one with your company to custom build volunteer experiences that align with your employee needs and community impact priorities. We believe the most meaningful impact comes from corporate collaborations that: 

  • Prioritize community change first. We do this by making sure that the volunteer experience hinges on success defined by the community themselves and are not defined by transactional “feel good” emotions.
  • Recognize the humanity of the communities. We accomplish this by remembering that they are not numbers but people, who have ideas, solutions and concerns that we uplift and advocate for. 
  • Navigate relationships where we do not add burden to the community partners we connect with, but enhance their work, and share our resources at their pace, and in their timing.

Wherever your company is on its volunteer service journey, Boston Cares is ready to be your trusted partner!

Here are some ways for you to get involved:

Hands at Work

Hands On Projects

We will source a range of opportunities that meet your specific needs in congruence with community-based initiatives. Projects can take place during the week or weekend, on a one- time basis or more frequently, and may include employees’ families, if desired. Based on your input, our team will plan the day(s), order supplies, handle set-up and logistics, and prep any employees who wish to serve as volunteer team captains. On the day of service we are on site to support your volunteers and make sure your engagement runs smoothly.

Portable Projects

In collaboration with our nonprofit partners, our Portable Projects are developed to serve a specific and unique unmet need. All portable projects include creative and team building components that allow volunteers to serve together to create tangible and impactful goods for a designated beneficiary.

Virtual Projects

Developed in collaboration with our nonprofit partners, virtual projects are facilitated and run in many forms to best serve the agency partner and population they serve. Our team will source project options depending on your company's desired impact areas and CSR goals and can customize opportunities based on group size, desired type of projects, and more. Based on your input, our team will plan the virtual service day(s), order any supplies, handle set-up and logistics of video platforms, and prep any employees who wish to serve as virtual volunteer team captains. On the day of service we are on call to support your volunteers and make sure your engagement runs smoothly. 

Ready to get started? Contact us at to learn more.