Organization Profile

Boston Health Care for The Homeless Program

MISSION The mission of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) is to assure access to quality health care for all homeless individuals and families in the greater Boston area. BHCHP achieves this mission by bridging the gaps between medicine and public health through the integration of community-based shelter and street clinics with Boston's renowned teaching hospitals and neighborhood health centers, and by helping the health care system address the special needs of individuals and families who struggle with the health and social risks of persistent poverty without the security of safe housing. DESCRIPTION Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) began as one of 19 Health Care for the Homeless Projects originally funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trust. Since its inception in 1985, Boston Health Care for the Homeless has been working to bridge the gap between continuous quality health care and the homeless men, women, and children of Boston. What began with six clinicians requesting access to shelters in order to offer medical care has grown to an organization of over 200 dedicated health care workers. IMPACT In 2001, BHCHP provided health care and social services to 8,015 homeless individuals in over 50,000 patient visits. BHCHP serves the South End of Boston and has partnered with Boston Cares since 2003.

Hunger & Homelessness
Boston, MA, 02118