Organization Profile

Boston Landmarks Orchestra

MISSION The mission of the Boston Landmarks Orchestra is to make high quality, classical music concerts available to all; to promote the appreciation and preservation of significant historical, geographical and architectural landmarks; to bridge differences of age, income, gender and ethnicity through music; to foster a broad appreciation of classical music; to work with community partners to facilitate revitalization and development and to enhance the area as a cultural destination. DESCRIPTION The Boston Landmarks Orchestra was founded in January 2001 to perform accessible summer concerts celebrating historical, geographical and architectural settings. By presenting exceptional music performances in significant settings, the Orchestra hopes to foster a broad appreciation of classical music while bringing together the diverse communities of Boston. The Orchestra collaborates with organizations such as schools, community centers, churches, museums, environmental groups and senior centers to devise educational partnerships of various forms, including work experience for youth, guest lectures and open rehearsals.

Boston, MA, 02135